From Cookies To Llamas

The Story of The Silver Llama

Cookies With Altitude was created out of necessity, and not just the need for scrumptious treats. Owner and Founder Sherry Randall needed a job in 2009. After a disastrous 6-month job search, she saw a sign that sparked an idea and an opportunity to open her own business. On November 7, 2009—with 9 cookie recipes and a coffee pot—she opened Cookies With Altitude and served the Leadville community for 10 years with breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups, strudels, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, fudge, and of course, cookies! Nine recipes grew to more than 26 different signature cookies rotated throughout the year, and Sherry’s labor of love turned into a real café that was busting at the seams. With only 12 chairs, 4 of them outside, it became apparent that a move was necessary. In 2019 after a year of planning, Cookies With Altitude relocated one block down Harrison Avenue to the newly renovated KW Plaza and rebranded into the Silver Llama Market & Eatery.

People often ask why we choose the name Silver Llama. Our name combines Leadville’s rich historied past with the present. Silver comes from our past with Leadville being home to the largest silver camp in the world in the 1880’s. Llama comes from our present with llamas being used by the Leadville Race Series for the past 30+ years to haul supplies up to the aid stations for the 100-mile races held here each summer. Llamas are also used throughout the Rocky Mountains for trail work today. The Silver Llama celebrates our past and current history. What we are doing and creating today will embellish stories told of Leadville in the next 100 years. We are proud to play a flavorful role in the history of this unique town.

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